Dennis Krupenik


Have been a computer geek since before it was cool. Programming for over two decades, these days I do all kinds of engineering: front-end, back-end and even reverse :-)

Working remotely with US-based companies since early 2000s.

Long track of Linux server administration and everyday use (RH-based, Debian-based, Gentoo, Alpine, etc)

Currently interested in systems programming, home automation, and machine learning.

Fluent written and spoken English (9.2 TrueNorth, C1-C2 CEFR Est.)


  • Direct contracts as well as via Toptal, UpStack, Turing, etc.
  • Clients include TaskRabbit, Industrious, HomeVestors, Bitwave, OneDoor and more.
  • Roles and responsibilities vary from Senior Software Engineer to Tech Lead to "Mission Specialist".

Custom e-commerce platform, promo leaflets.

Led a greenfield project (Ruby on Rails + React.js) from discovery phase to production deployment, establishing team culture and best engineering practices (CI pipeline, pull requests, code reviews, automated style checks, etc).

  • Guided a team through a transition to a formal workflow, introduced devops practices, significantly improving development process.
  • Designed and implemented a low-latency network service (Scala) and a media processing pipeline (Python).

Custom e-commerce platform: order management, stock-keeping, accounting and content management modules, promo leaflets.

Prehistoric (1999 — 2009)

Project: migration of a modular PHP application engine (handover from Forma) to Ruby on Rails.

Project: a modular PHP application engine with a custom host management panel.

Project: Metamap.

Project: caching and image processing HTTP proxy server.

Projects: automated web clients, local class library, company site internationalization engine (internal tools), statistic analysis.

Various web projects

Project: students and teachers database, user interface, web interface.


09/1998 — 06/2001

Sevastopol Institute of Nuclear Energy and Industry, Nuclear Energy Industry

09/2001 — 06/2002

Kharkiv National University of Radioelectroni—Ās, Intellectual Decision-Making Systems